Stock Market For Beginners – Part 1

The basics of stock market trading

Don’t trade until you have an advantage: Even before composing your trading strategy you will need to be sure the system you’re looking at has a definite advantage. There is absolutely no reason to trade with a strategy that loses cash as time passes. The system you choose would ideally return a profit over a set period of time. Be sure to test your strategy either with software or by hand, but be sure to be thorough with your testing. If you make sloppy mistakes here you will only cause yourself problems further down the line.

Your trading strategy is vital

You should ALWAYS have a pre-defined plan so that you can perform trades correctly. Acting in this manner is unquestionably more accurate in trading than in most other subjects. Despite the unbelievable value the task at hand, most novices never have even bothered to learn about a trading strategy. That is the single largest reason why so many new traders fail. Make a trading strategy describing the signs you might be permitted to choose, the size of your position and when to consider it. Financial management, stops, and objectives all should be thoroughly detailed beforehand.

How do you want to trade?

Everyone has a different approach, and a different personality. Identify your style of trading and develop your own personal system. Don’t simply copy somone else. Don’t imitate, innovate. For example you may be a scalper, or a long-term day trader. Whatever your style, identify it, develop it, and refine it.

Play the long game

You’re not going to become successful if you view this as a way to get rich quickly, so be realistic. Expect that there will be ups and downs and plan for them. Set realistic targets and work hard to achieve them.

Never stop learning

Learning from your mistakes, as in all walks of life, is a goood way to learn in the stock market. Keep a detailed track of your trades; note them down, or type them up. Keeping track of trades like this helps you focus on your profits and remain disciplined. Review your trades every fortnight or every month. This will help you spot errors that sometimes get overlooked.

Knowledge is power

To succeed you should always keep refining your skills. Research is key to success. Opening a brokerage account doesn’t equate to instant or guaranteed success. Read books, industry newsletters, set google alerts for relevant keywords, and follow key influencers on twitter. Try to find a professional you respect who can act as a teacher.

Use a virtual stock exchange

Refining your strategy on a virtual stock exchange such as StrategYard is a perfect way to ensure you are able to make a profit before actually trading with real money. Stock market games use a delay-ticker, and real stocks to provide a real-life scenario with which to test your strategies.

Follow these steps, remain motivated, and keep learning. If you put in the hard work you can reap the benefits!